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Solutions to Overcome the Biggest Barrier to Growth for Queensland Small Businesses

Chance meeting at local business network event leads to $3 Million Government support plan for local Caboolture businesses

Press Release - Inception creating 10 000 jobs - Small Business Expos

Download the Press Release here

A goal of 10, 000 jobs:  Today, Brett O’Connor, the visionary founder of Inception Network, unveiled an ambitious initiative aimed at placing 10,000 individuals into suitable jobs across Southeast Queensland this year. The groundbreaking program is part of Inception Network’s partnership with the highly anticipated Business and Jobs Expos, set to be held in three locations across Southeast Queensland.

The Small Business Hero Expo, designed to empower and support local businesses, will kick off on July 13th in the vibrant Moreton Bay Regional Council area, under the guidance of the new CEO, Mr. Dennis Hall.

Help with navigating funding: Recognizing the overwhelming number of Federal, State, and local government funding programs available, Mr. O’Connor explains the unique role of Inception Network, “Sole traders and micro-business owners are often overwhelmed when attempting to navigate these funding opportunities. This is where Inception Network steps in. Providing comprehensive support and guidance to attract and retain the talent needed to gain access to multiple government support payments of up to $15,000.” He added, “Some businesses may get access to over $40,000 support to ensure their success over the next year if things go as planned.”

O’Connor expects that the pilot program growing Carer businesses in the Caboolture area alone will create around 200 jobs resulting in a $3 Million dollar State government funds injection into the local economy.

Linking to Equinox Care: Supporting O’Connor’s statements, Zac Hitchcock, owner of Equinox Care, a local Caboolture business, shares his insights. “We provide training to residents in our local community who aspire to start their own business. Delivering quality individual disability and aged care support services. We also find local businesses willing to take our students on to get experience on the job. With the current shortage of carers in our region, the demand has reached a crisis point, leaving thousands of local residents on the waitlist to access programs like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).”

Promotion and building, through collaboration with the Business and Jobs Expos: The Inception Network (Australia) is delighted to collaborate with the 2023 Business and Jobs Expos (formerly known as the Small Business Expos) which have been running successfully for the past 8 years, even throughout COVID” Mr. O’Connor proudly proclaimed.

This year’s first expo, the Moreton Bay Regional Expo, will be held on July 13th.

Inception Start-Up Lounge: “At the heart of the expos is the Inception Start-Up Lounge, which is a new addition to the expo program. It serves as a safe space at the Expos for job seekers, bootstrap startups, small and micro-businesses to connect, collaborate, and explore support options,” CEO of the Business and Jobs Expos, Mr. Dennis Hall, explains.  He added, “If you would like to find out how you can start your own carer business during school hours and get access to over $40,000 in Government funding over the next year to do that, come along to the Pine Rivers indoor sports complex on July 13th between 9:30am to 4pm and chat to Brett at the Inception Startup Lounge”.

By facilitating these connections, Inception Network aims to empower businesses to grow, develop, and ultimately prosper, creating 10,000 jobs through the 3 Expos across Southeast Queensland this year.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dennis Hall – CEO, Business and Jobs Expos, 2023

0412 453 241

About Inception Network:

Inception Network was founded five years ago with the mission to create self-employment opportunities for individuals. It focuses on supporting contractors and sole traders to grow their business so they receive regular work and can afford to put on staff to help.

About Business and Jobs Expos:

The Business and Jobs Expos, formerly known as the Small Business Expos, have been successfully running for the past 8 years. These expos provide a platform for all businesses, Governments, education, and training providers to connect under one roof (three times this year), to collaborate and explore support options for local small businesses to grow across southeast Queensland.

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