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The story behind Small Business Expos.

Small Business Expos

Small Business Expos run one day sales focused Business and Jobs Expos open to all businesses and the general public. Buy and Sell products and services, connect with thousands of local business owners, new partnerships, the latest business information.
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Paula Brand, Founder, has over 28 years of event and industry development experience across Queensland and Australia in 12 industry sectors. She is a small business advocate for the invisible businesses – mobile, micro, online, homebased businesses that are one third of the small business community. The Small Business Expo team is managed by an Advisory Board and has an office on the Gold Coast with a team of 13.

The Business and Jobs Expos are the HERO BUSINESS EVENTS in Southeast Queensland.

Local businesses are the cornerstone of our community, and we must work together to help and support each other to grow.

The aim of the Business and Jobs Expos is for economic outcomes, employment outcomes and educational/learning outcomes as well as to build collaboration and hope for businesses and displaced people due to the impacts of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

In Australia today, the market sector features approximately 150 trade shows each year. Very few trade shows (except for franchise shows) are focused on broad (often neglected) small business sectors, and even fewer on small and medium sized business. And post covid, only 5% of expos ran in Australia – we successfully delivered our program to support local businesses over the last two Covid years.

These one-day “pop-up” events to enable business owners to meet, connect, learn, network and gain expert advice, and discover profitable business ideas.

What the Small Business Expos have achieved in seven years:

What the Small Business Expos have achieved in 7 years:

  • 5000 small ­­­business owners have exhibited
  • The largest local business to business sales focused expo program in Southeast Queensland
  • We work with 50 sponsors each year to put on the expo program including Councils, business member-based networking groups, Chambers of Commerce and businesses – we work collaboratively to support local businesses.
  • 380 top speakers have delivered workshops.
  • We have delivered our ‘’How to Sell from an Exhibition Stand’ Workshops to over 3000 local business owners.
  • Supported 30 charities. Our main charity is Rotary.
  • Over 28,000 visitors have attended.
  • We donated $70,000 of free stands for struggling businesses in 2020 when we ran our expos during Covid
  • Supported by all levels of Government
  • Founder, Paula Brand was awarded an International Stevie Award in 2019 for Small Business Champion and also the 2019 Women in Business Small Business Champion – Finalist


At the Business and Jobs Expos, business owners and professionals can

  • Develop business leads and new customers, build brand awareness and expand business opportunities.
  • Discover new ideas and new technology to help solve business owners’ challenges.
  • Gain invaluable industry knowledge and insights into larger markets both in Australia and internationally.
  • Network with industry peers and connect with suppliers, service providers, industry experts and Government specialist departments.
  • Connect with potential venture capitalists and investors to potentially help expand businesses.
  • Seek information from job support agencies and related businesses as well as employment opportunities
Collaborative Marketplaces

Business Expos

Collaborative B2B Marketplaces that produce financial outcomes

The Business and Jobs Expos are the PREMIUM BUSINESS EVENTS in South East Queensland.

With newly unemployed at 1 million and closed business costing Australia $4 billion a day, now is the time to get grassroots in the community where business owners live and work and their kids go to school. Small business is the cornerstone of our community and we must work together to help put the economy on the front foot again.

In Australia today, the market sector features approximately 150 trade shows each year. Very few trade shows (except for franchise shows) are focused on broad (often neglected) small business sectors, and even fewer on small and medium sized business.

The opportunity as identified by Paula Brand is to create a series of one day events to enable a showcase for predominantly small and medium sized businesses to connect and grow. These one-day “pop-up” events in six South East Queensland Centres enable business owners to meet, connect, learn, network and gain expert advice, and discover profitable business ideas.

The aim of the Business and Jobs Expos is for economic outcomes, collaboration and hope for businesses and displaced people due to Covid 19.

Small Business in Australia

Small business plays a vital role in the Australian economy, with approximately 3.2 million small businesses employing 5.5 million Australians.

Small businesses contribute more than $380 billion to the economy. Australian Government Research ATO 2017.

ASIC regulates many businesses that are ‘small proprietary companies’, which means a company with two out of these three characteristics:

  1. An annual revenue of less than $25 million,
  2. Fewer than 50 employees at the end of the financial year, and
  3. Consolidated gross assets of less than $12.5 million at the end of the financial year.

Small Business Matters in Australia

Of all Australian companies and businesses registered, 96% are viewed as small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

Small businesses make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. They employ half of Australia’s workforce and make up one fifth of Australia’s gross domestic product. One of our main objectives is to improve the Australian financial system. Regulating small business is an integral part of this.

More than 2 million small businesses in Australia employ less than 19 people, accounting for 97 per cent of all Australian businesses by employee size, and there were 51,000 medium sized businesses, employing 20 to 199 employees, approx. 2.4 percent of all companies.

opportunity to help business owners

About the Small Business Expos

For those in business and seeking ways to generate a greater level of income, the Small Business Expos provide the opportunity help business owners to learn and increase the size and revenues for their business.

Small Business Expos Locations

  • Brisbane
  • Redlands/Logan
  • Moreton Bay/North Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane West/Ipswich
  • Toowoomba

There are no better events in South East Queensland that provide the opportunity to talk face-to-face with contemporaries and fellow business owners to end users across a broad range of business opportunities.

The Small Business Expos are vital business-to-business expos for small, medium and large businesses and brand owners.

The South East Queensland Business Expos recognize the many challenges that business owners face, from increased competition in Australia and internationally from online sources.

Connect and Communication

With more than 8,000 businesses connecting each year and increasing steadily each year, our communications partnerships enable us to reach more than 66,000 business professionals across South East Queensland.

Our reach is in excess of 400,000 on social media & continues to grow each year.

The Small Business Expos has been embraced by the media and in 2018 was sponsored by Channel 9 and Channel Ten Regional Television Networks as well as Southern Cross Austereo Radio stations and in 2019 by 96.5 Family FM.

1022 exhibitors participated in the Small Business Expos in 2019 and more than 8,000 attendees (majority business owners) connected with other business owners resulting in $7.5 million in business leads.

We did not give up in Covid. Nine expos were delivered over the past two Covid years, connecting 3500 business owners together.

It was decided in 2022 to host two large expos, Gold Coast and Brisbane. The Gold Coast Expo consisted of a record 305 expo stands with 1200 attending.

About Small Business Expos

Giving Back to the Community

In 2018,

Small Business Expos donated to 11 charities and continues to grow as it “gives back to the community”. In 2019, 20 charities were supported. We work with Rotary Groups across South East Queensland and have raised $10,000 in funds for their community programs.

The founder of Small Business Expos

Paula Brand is the CEO of Small Business Expos

Paula is an advocate for ‘invisible” small businesses (mobile, micro, online and homebased) which make up one third of the small business community.

With 24 years of event and industry development experience across Queensland and the rest of Australia, she has won a series of industry awards:

  • WINNER 2019 International Stevie Award – Small Business Champion
  • WINNER 2019 Gold Coast Women in Business Award – Small Business Chamption
  • WINNER 2017 Ambassador Small Business-Homebased Business Community – International Women’s Day – Women at Work Awards
  • WINNER 2017 Awardee of Merit – Gold Coast Women in Business Awards – Community Category
  • WINNER 2016 Empowered Biz Mums – Leadership Award

The Small Business Expos Advisory Board

Small Business Expos has a four-member Advisory Board to assist with branding, strategy, business operations, crisis management and policy advice. Lean more about each member by clicking the profiles below.

Small Business Expos Advisory Board Member - David Power

David Power

David Power was the youngest Councillor ever elected to the Albert Shire in 1991 prior to amalgamatation with Gold Coast City. He became Chair of Planning North and Chair of Strategic Planning upon amalgamation and held Strategic Planning until his retirement in 2007. He was Deputy Mayor from 2004 till 2007 and is recognised as one of the foremost experts on City management and planning in Australia having since provided consulting services nationally and internationally. He is the only elected representative to be invited to take full membrship of the Planning Institute of Australia without a formal planning degree. He is the intitiator and strategist of the Gold Coast Light Rail, Gold Coast Marine Precinct, Gold Coast Knowledge Precinct and the largest urban water conservation strategy in the Southern Hemisphere. He has consulted to Government Departments such as Infrastructure Australia as well as the private sector. He currently is Chairman of the Board for Resilere Group Ltd, is Vice Chairman of the Australia China Chamber of CEOs, a strategic advisor to the Small Business Association of Australia and continues to provide mentoring and management consulting services to small business.
Small Business Expos Advisory Board Member - Jim Burkett

Jim Burkett

Jim’s experience spans global corporations, SMEs and start-ups through supporting their strategic operations and trading. His last role was as an Asia Pacific General Manager of a specialised department for a Fortune 500 U.S. based multinational. Jim brings strong leadership, agility and commercial acumen combined with extensive experience across diverse projects, cultures and industries. Fostering local business success ensuring collaboration and granting positive market sentiment are the main reasons for his involvement in Small Business Expos.
Small Business Expos Advisory Board Member - Lars Halvorsen

Lars Halvorsen

Lars Halvorsen began his career in the media and advertising as a cadet journalist with his hometown newspaper in North Queensland. He soon moved to radio as an announcer, writer and producer and worked in various roles in radio and television all over Australia including Cairns, Tasmania, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Los Angeles. Lars has created some of the most successful and memorable advertising campaigns for some of Australia’s most successful brands, including: The Coffee Club, Brisbane Broncos, Credit Union Australia, Ergon Energy, Cadbury, Woolworths, Ideal Electrical Suppliers, The MS Society of Australia, and Stockland just to name a few. Lars has a wealth of international experience, credentials and creative expertise in brand building, differentiation and franchising across a range of industries including: retail, fast food, travel, destination marketing, tourism, financial services, property, real estate, automotive, energy and climate change. Lars is a multi-international, award-winning creative advertising writer, conceptualist, brand architect, and marketing strategist with experience in every advertising medium in Australia, Canada and the United States. Lars also offers proven skills and talents as a creative writer, producer, director and sound engineer for both radio and television, and is acknowledged as one of Australia’s best skilled “creative advertising and marketing ideas people”.
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