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Speakers VOICE TO YOUR BUSINESS - Small Business Expos
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Business & Jobs Presentations @ The Expos

Would you like to give voice to your business and share with a whole tribe of people who could benefit from your passion, products and services? Now’s your chance!


  • Book a Speaker Spot
  • Share your expertise
  • Build your brand and credibility
  • Establish new connections

Your chance to be recognised as an authority

If you have fantastic speaker content to share, are looking to receive pre-event promotion to a wider audience and love to make new connections on the day of the Expo – then this opportunity is perfect for you!

There are a limited number of speaking spots available at each of our Expos – for both business exhibitors and jobs exhibitors. These allow you to leverage off the pre-expo promotion and be seen as an authority in your chosen field.

All of our speaking spots include a standard sized expo stand, so that you can talk further with your qualified audience back at your own pop-up business and forge new relationships at the Expos – cutting down follow up calls.

Whilst any business can book a speaking spot, they are ideally suited to those businesses with a product or service that can help businesses develop, expand or grow. We also reserve the right to say “No” to an application if we feel that the offering isn’t suited to our Exhibitors and visitors.

Handouts are great to give out to this audience and we utilise a TV screen for any visual presentations, as well as providing a handheld microphone.

We will place your Expo stand as close to the Speakers Area as our floor plan will permit (this varies from Expo to Expo) so that you can herd people over to your area for ongoing conversations and closing sales.

Our Expo speaker manager will contact your presenter two weeks prior to the Expo to get your ready for the day.

If you are interested in this opportunity you will need to complete a speaker application form – this provides us with the information we need in order to assess whether your content suits our audience. We also use the information from the form to create our speaker flyer (these are distributed to Exhibitors and handed out to visitors on the day).

Once accepted as a speaker you will need to pay your deposit, with final balance due 30 days prior to the Expo you will be presenting at.

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Give Voice To Your Business

  • Share your passion and how your business services brings value to your region.
  • This is an outstanding platform to launch a book, launch a new business, a training program or anything you want to showcase and speak about that will benefit the Expo community.
  • Invite them to buy your product, service or give them the opportunity to meet you and do business together.
  • Most importantly… this platform provides you with a very exciting and cost-effective way to not just market your business, but to position you as an authority in your field.