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Make more connections in one day than you could with a month of networking!

Now in our 10th year the Business & Jobs Expos are delivering six explosive Expos throughout South East Queensland!

Exciting New Event Coming 2025

“The Station”, Birtinya

Exciting New Event Coming 2025

Nissan Arena, Nathan

Exciting New Event Coming 2025

Mt Warren Sports Centre

Exciting New Event Coming 2025

Sanctuary Cove

Exciting New Event Coming 2025

Morayfield Sport & Event Centre

Exciting New Event Coming 2025


The Business & Jobs Expos are proudly presented by BBX – a transformative force for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) seeking paths to sustainable growth.

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NOW IN OUR TENTH YEAR! we have run Small Business Expos Across South East Queensland

Partners & Sponsors

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Collaborative relationship-focused marketplaces producing financial outcomes for local business owners

Business & Jobs Expos is dedicated to building & strengthening local business communities through B2B marketplaces for micro & local business owners across South East Queensland, where they can grow their networks, learn, access support and increase their sales opportunities.

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At the Business & Jobs Expos, we want to see all our exhibitors succeed and benefit from their investment. That’s why we invite every potential Exhibitor  to attend our ‘How to Maximise Expo Results’ workshop – a one hour intensive Zoom session designed to explode our Exhibitor’s results!

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Business & Jobs Expos is passionate about local businesses connecting and making new sales leads, as well as selling products and services at each expo we hold. Our Expos are all about economic outcomes, employment outcomes and educational/learning outcomes, as well as building collaborative relationships to strengthen the local business community’s resilience in tougher economic conditions.

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Our 2024 Business and Jobs Expos are the only sales-focused business events running in South East Queensland this year. They are considered Retail Indoor Marketplaces by Qld Health and are your opportunity to Network, Connect, Showcase and Sell!

  • Sunshine Coast Business & Jobs Expo: May 2024
  • Logan Business & Jobs Expo: June 2024
  • Moreton Bay Business & Jobs Expo: July 2024
  • Brisbane Business & Jobs Expo: August 2024
  • Gold Coast Business & Jobs Expo: September 2024
  • Springfield Lakes/Ipswich Business & Jobs Expo: October 2024

Each Expo will have an impressive array of Exhibitors for you to Network, Connect Showcase and Sell!

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What have the Business & Jobs Expos achieved so far?

  • Generated over $20 million in new business revenue for our sponsors and exhibitors
  • Winner of “Business of the Year” in the Bx Business
    xCellence Awards (an internationally recognized business
    awards program) for the category of “Events & Event
    Planning” 2023
  • Finalist in the Australian Local Business Champion Awards 2024
  • Engaged 200 top speakers to share their expert small business workshop knowledge
  • Transferred countless skills via our ‘How to Sell from a Trade Table’ workshops to 3,000 exhibitors
  • Engaged over 20,000 small business owners
  • Supported 21 charities

The 8 key goals for each Business & Jobs Expo

Promotion — to provide opportunities for businesses and government officials to engage with the local business community. Our Expo events act as host  for invisible businesses (primarily home-based, micro, mobile and online) to showcase products and services and connect to generate sales leads, new partnerships, wider connections.

Collaboration – with 60 key industry stakeholders to build Expos through shared promotional actions. Together, we reach more than 20,000 business owners in each region – with a total reach across 6 Expos to 150,000 business owners.

Growth – to ensure each Expo can deliver $1 million + in solid sales leads for the local business community. We aim to host an Expo in each region for a period of five years to provide a highly anticipated annual calendar event.

Information – to connect local business owners with the latest products and services from all levels of Government in a face to face format and to undertake activities to ensure they are up to date with compliance, new funding, digital audits, and new legislation.

Skills Transfer – to deliver Pre-Expo workshops before each Expo to provide businesses with the marketing and operational skills they need to grow and develop.

Charity – where possible, we try to work with local charities so they can connect with businesses — this can be food trucks, donations for expo builds, or part-funded stands.

Celebration – of B2B marketplaces and the local business community. We provide a festive atmosphere as who wants to go to a boring expo — the expos provide a platform that helps connect businesses with each other easily,  in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. We acknowledge the hard work that business does and it is our aim to provide fun, information, and inspiring events where bigger and better business can be done.

The Business & Jobs Expos are the best place to be to get your business noticed

If you are interested in participating in or attending our next Small Business Expo, contact us today. Based on the principles of collaboration, business sponsorship, promotion, and celebration, there really is no other marketplace quite like it.

The  Business & Jobs Expos’ primary objective is to provide local businesses with the strongest possible platform to build, promote and grow their businesses in 2024 and beyond

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Participating in the Business & Jobs Expos connects you to business industry groups, councils, government agencies and sponsors working together on on our Expo program to help local, micro & start up businesses reconnect and regenerate economic outcomes, as well as employment outcomes, for each of the regions our Expos are held in.

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