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If you have been following the news, you have probably noticed that some specialists are counselling people to be prepared for a recession in our economy – the first one since 1991.

Losing a job can be a serious problem, but not for this very large group: 2.1 million people have their own business. A new small business is created in Australia every 100 seconds! And the most interesting data: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 34% are owned by women and the number is increasing really fast. It is awesome to see women going for their independence, fighting against prejudice in the labour market and working to increase the total income of the family.

For most people, the best moment to start a small business project is while they, or someone in the family, still has a job. That way, there is still stability and they can focus on the quality of their products or services, invest in technology and have consistent networking.

Believe me, I know that it is not a piece of cake at all. I have been through this. I still struggle sometimes finding time for my family, to pay the bills and to plan new projects.

But we all know how rewarding it feels when we get our first customer, or when we see the first positive review on our webpage. All our effort and sacrifices pay off.

Later, the challenges are a bit different. We start dealing with competitors, creating new products, looking for innovative ideas, working with more suppliers and taking in more clients. And though different, we put in the same hard work and it’s still as rewarding, if not more.

There are things we can do to increase our chances of success in business, which includes doing our research, talking to experienced people and building our network. And that’s exactly what the Small Business Expos are here for.

Join our community, start making conversations and get more business. It’s your opportunity to meet amazing people and speak with fellow entrepreneurs.

In fact, to celebrate women in business and to further support them, we have a segment in our expos prepared especially for them: TinaX Talks. Eight experts, eight business topics and countless valuable insights and action steps.

This packed speaking program is FREE, but you must register to attend.

Visit our website to stay updated about our expos:

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Seize this opportunity to grow your business.

See you at the expos!


Small Business in Australia: The Lowdown

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