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Gold Coast Business And Jobs Expo

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2022 Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo

Venue Details

Coomera Indoor Sports Centre
56 Beattie Road, Coomera
Thursday 16 June 2022
10am to 3.30pm

2022 Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo

Official Opening on the day of the expo

The Official Opening is at 9.30am starting with exhibitor networking and a short speech program with Government dignitaries attending. It will be in the main expo auditorium in the speaker area. We will announce over the PA system when this is commencing. It is a fun way to kick off the day and to get to meet your fellow exhibitors and local VIPs and politicians.

Speaker Program

The Speaker program is located at https://smallbusinessexpos.com.au/location/gold-coast-small-business-expo/

There is one main speaker area allocated – see floorplan

We do not take registrations for these speaker sessions, its first in first in to take seats approach.

We currently have 305 expo stands booked and can accept 2 more stand bookings.

Traffic management plan

Rotary is assisting us with our traffic management on the day and they can ask for a gold coin donation, as they are our community partner for this event and they are fundraising for their community projects. We have raised $15,000 to date for Rotary projects and we thank you for your contribution.

Exhibitor list

The Exhibitor List is an internal list only and is not issued to attendees if you have any edits/name changes please, and we will update it and reissue the list, one week prior to the expo.

Email changes to : paulabrand@smallbusinessexpos.com.au

VERY IMPORTANT : As per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to make any final changes to the floor plan now and on the day of the expo, if your stand is changed, we made the change based on overall expo requirements and impacts.



Brett Robinson from the Gold Coast City Council – contact details below – has instructed me to send out the attached document for you all to complete it prior to the expo.

Brett says it only takes 5 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, are confused, or need help – please only contact Brett – as he is happy to assist you brobinson@goldcoast.qld.gov.au or on his phone number are below.

MSV WHS Induction Presentation

Brett Robinson

Executive Coordinator Major Sporting Venues
Community Venues and Services
Lifestyle and Community
City of Gold Coast

Email Address brobinson@goldcoast.qld.gov.au

Phone 5581 6151 Mobile :0439 226 493
PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9729



We have been asked by the Gold Coast City Council venue to wear sneakers/runners, or flat soled shoes.

Please make sure you tell your staff on your stand as well. No stilletos or heeled shoes will be allowed at all. If worn they will need to be removed, or the person cannot enter

Power at your stand

If you have paid for a powered site, you are required to bring:

* One 5 metre cord
* One power board

The above items must be tested and tagged, and a certificate provided as evidence on the day

Please ensure laptops are safely secured as they are your responsibility. We are unable to power up multiple items at your stand, there is one power point allocated at each powered stand. If you don’t have power, you can buy a power bank at Office Works or KMART for $10-$20 to charge up your phone.

There are now NO powered sites available. They are all booked.

We will have a Test and Tag company onsite, if you have not tagged your items. The cost is $5 per item and can be paid by cash or credit card and a certificate issued when you arrive for registration and set up.

If you cancel your Expo stand – what next

PLEASE TELL US If you are not joining us for the expo, you must email us to  paulabrand@smallbusinessexpos.com.au ASAP.

Please refer to our terms and conditions in regards to our cancellation/refund policy on our website at the Secure Your Spot Page – https://smallbusinessexpos.com.au/secure-your-spot/ – minimise exhibitor enquiry info pack pop up box to get to the page

Exhibitor Training Workshop

If you have not been to one of our expos before, here is an old video recording to watch.  It will assist you to prepare so that you have a successful day – https://youtu.be/YV2aMvxNlLw


This venue has huge fans  – we are sorry there is no air-conditioning but as it is winter, we dont see this as an issue.

Qoin Merchants - trading on the day

We thank our Principal Partner, Qoin.
If you have booked your expo stand using Qoin, we do expect you to sell some products or services on Qoin. It is up to you as to what % of Qoin you will sell at BUT you must sell at the correct Qoin wallet value.

Please remember to print and laminate your QR codes so people can see you are selling your products and services with Qoin.

At registration on the day you will be provided an QOIN sign to place on your stand – so that visitors can see you are accepting Qoin.

There are many businesses who are cash only, so please ensure you politely ask if they accept Qoin and don’t assume exhibitors do.

Speed Networking sessions

You are welcome to attend the Speed Networking Sessions, see the times in the program below. You do not need to pay extra money to attend. The women’s session is at 10.30am, the mixed session is at 2.30pm. There is NO extra cost for exhibitors.

Tips to promote YOUR BUSINESS at your Exhibition Stand

– This is your POP UP SHOP for the day – MAKE IT COUNT

  1. Do Facebook Lives on the day – it’s best to do this in the morning when you are fresh 
  2. Promote your competitions and prizes – if you have them – via Facebook a few days before the expo.
  3. Draw your prizes via Facebook Live at the end of the expo.

Covid Rules for You to Follow

Please bring your own sanitizer for your expo stand. We have it at the entrance.

Please bring your own sanitizer for your expo stand. We have it at the entrance.

We follow the Covid event plan outlined by Queensland Health.

When talking to stand visitors, ensure you are abiding by the 1.5m physical distancing requirement.

This event is open to all, vaxed and unvaxed.

You do not need to register staff to attend prior to the day.  

Pens – ask people to supply their own OR have a pile for people to use, limit multi usage.  If you are re-using pens you should disinfect them with sanitiser before reuse.

Lollies at expo stands

Please ONLY have wrapped individual lollies and place them directly on the table for people to pick up – not in a big bowl or platter.

Set up on Wednesday 15 June - the day prior

To avoid congestion and queues in the carpark on the morning of the expo, we have opened up exhibitor bump in on Wednesday 15 June  5pm – 7pm.

Please consider bumping in at this time if you are able to do so as it will save you time on expo day and less stress.

It is also recommended that all heavy items be delivered at this time. Please email our Events Manager, Ven Turner if you intend to bump in on Wednesday afternoon.

Ven Turner – steven@anagramevents.com.au – phone 0404 695 444

Set up on the day of the expo – Thursday 16 June

Arrival time is no earlier than 6.30am

When you arrive go to the Registration Desk at the drop off point area.

To assist with your boxes and stand equipment as quickly as possible flatbed trolleys are available to use, and expo helpers on-hand who can wheel your items directly to your stand, while you take care of parking your car.

After your contents are dropped off, all exhibitors will be shown where to park by our traffic wardens (Rotary Volunteers)

Upon arrival please unpack your vehicle quickly and move directly to the space you are allocated – Allocate someone to drive your car to the designated parking areas close to the venue.

We will have traffic management staff in place during set up to ensure everything runs with the least amount of disruption as possible and to assist you with your off-site parking.

Please show patience and respect during this time and comply with any reasonable traffic directions given.

Please do not be late as we need everyone set up by 9.30 am as we will then have an exclusive exhibitor networking event so that you can meet all of the other exhibitors at 9.30am and a short official opening in the main exhibition hall.

Remember to always practice social distancing of 1.5m at all times

Event Contact Person on the day | Steven Turner – 0404 695 444 or Paula Brand - 0475 411 793

We also have volunteer helpers to assist you throughout the day – they are all wearing Black EXPO HELPER t-shirts or branded Small Business Expos T shirts that you can call on for assistance


Yes there is public wifi at this venue.

No Expo Shells and Booths

A reminder – this Expo is about sales conversations not how fancy your trade table area is. If you are unsure as to how to conduct sales focused conversations (and some staff are not experienced exhibitors – please watch the Pre Expo Workshop Video) or attend the zoom training session.

There are no backing boards, so if you have pull up banners or stand up displays please bring them but be mindful of the space on either side of you to avoid blocking out your fellow trade table holders. We suggest 1-2 at most.

Each expo stand space is 2 m x 2 m space. Double stands are 4m x 4m

You have one standard trestle table provided and 2 plastic chairs.

The table provided is 1.8m long and .80cm wide.

Table Cloths – Please Bring One

Please bring your own table cloth as we do not supply them

If you don’t have one, drop into an op shop and buy a sheet for a few $. YES there are 2 chairs per Trade Table but if you want to bring a stool or your own chair then please do so.

Yes you can bring your own table or special chairs for your expo stand. it is good to have them ironed. Bar stools are excellent. Placed in FRONT of your stand.

Think outside the BOX and get creative but be mindful of your space and your fellow exhibitors.

Remember our catchphrase, “You can do anything you want as long as you don’t come naked”

Lunch Vouchers

For those whom this applies  – speakers and sponsors and rebook exhibitors from 2021.

At registration – you will receive two Meal vouchers. We issue 2 x meal vouchers – these vouchers are to the value of $10 to be used at the food trucks. If you wish to purchase beyond the voucher amount you will need to bring some extra monies for the day – we do not operate an ATM machine at the expo.  The food trucks all carry EFTPOS facilities.

Food trucks accept Qoin/Cash, the Council Cafe does not accept Qoin.

Peak time for coffee is 8.30am to 9.30am so plan around this busy time for your morning caffeine fix.

We have some delicious food trucks and they operate from 11am to 3pm plenty of time to get a plate of yummy food to eat with live music – comedy at 12noon as well, for you to enjoy.

wherever possible, we try to limit single use water bottles or straws.

The Food Trucks and fabulous live music are located in the front entrance area.

The Food Trucks operate under their own Covid Takeaway Plans.

Bump Out

The end time is 3.30pm, please ensure you do not leave earlier than this as it causes too much disruption and is unfair for other trade table holders.

When leaving, please clean your space as there is another event coming in after us, so your help in a quick tidy is greatly appreciated.

There are rubbish bins provided throughout the venue.


We will be making a video of the activities on the day, so you might be in it.

We will also have a photographer on the floor as well. We have invited the media and we hope they will attend.

Competition Draws

We love to see so many competitions being done to collect business cards. We will not be conducting our usual competition drawing session at 3.30pm this year, instead we ask you to draw your own prizes at the end of the expo day.

Remember to promote your competition prior to the Expo so that people know what you are doing.

The most important people at our expos are YOU

The most important people at the expo are YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and I am sure you need MORE business from new customers but also your existing customer base.

So please make sure you promote yourself prior to the expo and on the day that you are exhibiting. Just because we are small businesses does not mean we cannot think BIG when it comes to promotion and now IS the most important time for us to promote ourselves.

If we work together – be helpful to each other – have a GREAT attitude and prepare – we will ALL have a fantastic SELL SELL SELL day. Let’s get to it

See you at the Expo

Paula Brand, and the Small Business Expo Team

Issues, Questions, Concerns, email us  paulabrand@smallbusinessexpos.com.au  or call 0475 411 793

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