Qoin is a digital currency developed in Australia and based on blockchain technology  which makes transactions transparent and safe.

Qoin was designed to offer both businesses and consumers the opportunity to transact and as well accumulate digital assets with a lot of potential future liquidity and growth.

What’s so great about Qoin? 

  • Qoin is a fee-free payment solution. There’s no fee to pay in Qoin, accept Qoin, or even hold your Qoin. It’s secure, digital, easy to use and instantaneous.
  • Qoin can also provide you with a whole new customer base, and a free online directory and marketplace to advertise your business.
  • The value of Qoin in part depends on the number of users which is rapidly increasing. Only released in January 2020, it’s already taking momentum in the Australian business community with over 22,000 members and 30,000 consumers as at 1st January 2021.
  • Qoin allows you to accept an additional income stream in form of a new digital currency that can potentially grow in value.

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